Monday, December 2, 2013

30 Shots You Have to Drink Until 2014

You have 30 nights left until 2014 and The Roosevelts created an infographic almost a year ago that perfectly fits todays date. Here are 30 different shot receipts - drink one different each night and you'll have a great story to tell on new years eve.

This would also make a good start for a "drink around the world" drinking game. There are some of the greatest shots ever along with some of the most classic drink shots ever. Shots like the Kamikaze, the B-52 and the Orgasm are standards in nearly every bar I ever went to in Germany and may be the reason for some really great party nights. And some really bad hangovers, too.

Anyway it's a fun list and drinking inspiration nonetheless. So grab some friends or family, mix your shots and have fun on any christmas party along the way to your new years eve party.

Please leave me a comment if you succeed drinking them all! 

30 Shots infographic by The Roosevelts
(c) The Roosevelts

Always remember: Don't Drink & Drive! Drink responsibly!

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