Friday, August 31, 2012

Watch Neil Armstrongs Photos

Chase Jarvis has put together a collection of Neil Armstrongs photos that he took while walking on the moon. They are quite as iconic as himself.

Neil Armstrong standing in front of X-15 on lakebed

Science has not yet mastered prophecy. We predict too much for the next year and yet far too little for the next ten.
Neil Armstrong, 05.08.1930-25.08.2012

AP Photo/ETA

Rest In Peace, Neil. You were my childhoods hero.

Religion & Statistics

Do Religion and statistics go well along? Well, it depends. Take a look at todays xkcd comic and an infographic made by Good and Column Five and decide for yourself.

xkcd: Fastest-Growing

The Almighty Dollar - Mapping Distribution of Income by Religious Believe

Drift Parking by SKILLS

Drift Parking by SKILLS. Mad stuff.

Have you got some more great RC videos you want to share? Please let me know in the comments!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

GTA IV - Back To The Future Mod is Insane

This Grand Theft Auto IV mod in Back To The Future style is simple insane. It sweats rich details in its complete character skin of Marty McFly and the DeLorean skin including interior with working flux capacitor. Very impressive!
See it in action as he leaves two fire streaks on the roads.

Here is what YouTuber seedyrom34 has to say about his video.
DISCLAIMER: There is no single "Download Link" for this mod. It's a HEAVILY CUSTOMIZED PC project from a die-hard BTTF and GTA fan. It took me months to tweak everything and finally get it working right but I couldn't have done it without the help of some truly great mod makers (credits/links below). Please don't just start modifying your game without researching and backing things up first. You WILL break it.

I made this video mostly to show what can still be done with this amazing game and to give other BTTF fans some information on how to create something similar, though not exact. I'll answer simple questions but I can't train you on how to mod'll have to do some research yourself, if you're up to it! It's a hell of a lot more than just installing a skin or two...we're talking hours and hours of editing files. I've only played with it for a few hours now but it was totally worth it.
Check out the full text on YouTube. He gives some more information about how he did some of the mods there.

A-Trak's Short Cuts - Ghosts N' Stuff Routine

A-Trak's take on Skrillex Ghosts N' Stuff. There is nothing left to say about true DJing.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Watch Wednesday: Lovely New Sinn Chronograph Tachymeter

Starting today I'll dedicate every wednesday to news about watches. Wristwatches specifically. Therefore this column will be called Watch Wednesday. Hope you enjoy reading this somewhat more serious stuff along the usual content here.

Please let me know what you think about this!

So it fits perfectly that I came across the new Sinn Chronograph Tachymeter yesterday at Head over to read their opinion. I think this is definitely a watch that I would buy for myself. Being a fan of several Sinn watches for some years the layout just makes me smile.
They've hit my vintage / retro liking nerve with it.


Founded in 1961 Sinn is a renowed german manufacturer of mainly technical styled solid watches.

The watch is limited to 100 pieces and sold exclusively via Manufactum. It sports a customized Swiss ETA Valjoux 7750 Automatic Movement inside a steel case. With a width of 41mm it should go well on your wrist along your drivers gloves. The brown leather strap is rather unusual for Sinn but fits nicely to the vintage appeal.
Check out the product page at manufactum for more information and to buy one. It sells at 1.350,- Euro which I would consider a fair price.


Here are the technical specifications as found via

Mechanical Movement:
Valjoux 7750
automatic winding
25 jewels
28,800 vibrations per hour
stop seconds
Shockproof according to DIN 8308
Anti-magnetic according to DIN 8309

Polished stainless steel case,
Cover glass acrylic
down back
screwed crown
Water-resistant to DIN 8310
Pressure resistant to 20 bar (= 200 m water depth)
To low pressure

Hours, minutes, small seconds
date display
stop second
Triple graduated tachymeter scale in spiral form for the reading of average speeds
of 20 km / h to 300 km / h
Pilot's bezel with luminous marker main

Dimensions & Weight:
Case diameter: 41 mm
Lug width: 20 mm
Case thickness of the clock: 15.5 mm
Weight without strap: 74 grams

Dial & Hands:
Matt Black dial
Indexes with luminescent color
Hour, minute, stop second hand with luminescent color

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

DMK - World's Greatest Depeche Mode Coverband

You might have heard about them already. If not, then hurry up. This is what I call the world's greatest Depeche Mode Coverband. Father Dicken and his Kids Milah and Korben from Bogotá, Colombia seem to have a lot of fun together.
This is pure family awesomeness.

Check out their YouTube-Channel for more and future videos.
Visit their Facebook Page and follow them at Twitter. They truly deserve it.

Moves like Jäger (Failblog)

I've got the moves like Jäger

Moves like Jager

 (via Failblog)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Which imaginary games do you play?

Great video by followthefoot. I played and still play many of these imaginary games myself. For example getting the perfect timing right waiting for the green light. I never knew that other people did that, too.

As a kid I used to watch the raindrops that hit our windows. I picked two of them and let them do a kind of drag race to the bottom.

What did you play?

Friday, August 24, 2012

Is This the Smallest Ridebale Bike?

Is This the Smallest Ridebale Bike? Some dude over in russia seems to have put it together. Nearly a million views within 3 days already. Watch it while it's hot!

This Dan Spitz Interview connects my life dots

The guys over at Hodinkee did a great interview with Dan Spitz. The former guitarist of Anthrax suddenly turned watchmaker mid-90's and is now considered one of the best watchmakers worldwide.

You can't imagine how it this interview connects pieces of my life as a teenager with my life interests of the past few years.
At the end of the eighties, when I was still a teenager, Anthrax was one of my first encounters with the heavy metal scene. It really had an influence on my musical taste. When I look back at the days, what strikes me most is how they managed to get great songs together on one record that were both fun and serious. Always entertaining, fitting nearly every mood I had back then.

Nowadays, a close friend of mine is very into collecting, buying and selling watches. I grew a kind of interest for it, too. But unlike him I can't afford the pieces I long for. Nevertheless I developed a taste in what makes a watch interesting to me and why.

Read the full interview at Hodinkee

Thursday, August 23, 2012

How to color your guitar

Here's how you can create a psychedelic swirling coloring on your guitar body.

I suggest not to do that with one of the beauties from Nik Huber Guitars.

Bill Murray - Supercut by Eclectic Method

The best thing you'll come across today: Bill Murray Supercut.
Read what Eclectic Method wrote on their Youtube page:

Eclectic Method's tribute to one of the hippest dudes of Ever!

Here is how to tell if you are at the best party currently happening in America at any given moment: You turn around and there he is, mixing cocktails, cracking jokes, and making everything more awesome! Yeah he crashes normal people parties, yeah he assimilates naturally and perfectly, yeah he is the shit! Bill is a walking, talking memecon -an iconic meme. From SNL to Ghostbusters to Wes Anderson flicks, Murray has, more than just about anyone, had several ages of awesome.

There is, of course no way to summarize the enigma that is Bill Murray in just a few minutes but Eclectic Method offers this tribute Mixtape regardless. All Hail the Almighty Bill! CROSS THE STREAMS!


Monday, August 20, 2012

Hit it, Joe!

I couldn't introduce him better than Huell Howser: "Hit it, Joe!"

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Darkness - Street Spirit (Radiohead cover)

Yes! The Darkness are back! Releasing a mighty and powerful cover of Radiohead's "Street Spirit" as a teaser for their upcoming album Hot Cakes out 20th (UK) 21st (US) August

The Darkness - Street Spirit (Cover) by [PIAS] Entertainment

"Baby Got Back" Sung By the Movies (Supercut)

YouTube user dondrapersayswhat made a Supercut to recreate Sir Mix-A-Lot's Baby Got Back from 295 clips, because he is "...just that much of a nerd".

Monday, August 6, 2012

Zurker: Invitation codes available here/ Einladungen gibt's hier

I've just received an invitation to the currently closed beta of Zurker. A new network that aims to once be the successor to facebook.
If you're interested, click on the link below to join us at Zurker.

Ich habe gerade eine Einladung zur geschlossenen Beta von Zurker erhalten. Das neue Netzwerk will mal der Nachfolger von Facebook werde. Vor allem mit nutzerfreundlicherem Konzept und Funktionen die es so bei Facebook nicht gibt.
Du kannst auch teilnehmen, wenn Du auf den Einladungscode klickst.

Invitation code/Einladung:

World of Records visualized (Olypia 2012)

The interactive visualization of World of Records by GE Data Visualization shows some interesting insights. It is about when, where an maybe even why some years and countries might have more records than others.

While the times of World War I and II seem obvious, other years like 1999 need some more knowledge about the world of sports to explain a peak. That year marked a high time for doping with 112 new world records set in this year alone.

World of records by summer events

Visit the Infographic and see for yourself. There is also a download option of the interactive visualization available on the site.

You can also read the article of fastcodesign on this topic.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Synthopia asked if this is the greatest synth performance in the history of Rock

Synthopia asked their readers if this is the greatest synth performance in the history of Rock. Frankenstein performed live by the Edgar Winter Group is indeed a totally insane thing to watch.

Here's what Synthopia had to say about it:

"This video captures a classic 1973 rock synth jam by the Edgar Winter Group, a live performance of the classic Frankenstein.

With this performance, Edgar Winter proves that he does not discriminate when it comes to face-melting solos.

First, he unleashes an epic stream of keytar-controlled synth awesomeness. Then Winter takes a break from the synths for a face-melting sax solo. Then – it’s time for a drum solo – and Winter delivers, trading riffs with the drummer.

Then it’s back to the keytar for some synth-faced shredding. Then comes an orgy of noise that transforms into an explosion of filthy filtered synth eruptions. Winter delivers the denouement by returning to the drums for the restatement of the intro.

Epic. Face-Melting.

Greatest synth performance in the history of rock, though?"

Head over to Synthopia to join the discussion.

Fantastic Timelapse made from pictures shot from the ISS

Knate Myers made this fantastic Timelapse Video using only images made by the crew of NASA’s International Space Station (ISS). These pictures are available free for everyone in NASA’s massive photo archive at
Enjoy the nighttime view of various fly-bys.

View from the ISS at Night from Knate Myers on Vimeo.

There's also a tutorial on Vimeo made by The Film Artist about how to create such awesome timelapse videos yourself.